The vibrant green and yellow leaves of the Chameleon cultivar grow symmetrically along the main stems. The Chameleon ZZ will require more light than other ZZ plant family members due to its lighter tint.

Let us explore the interesting world of the Chameleon ZZ plant, an indoor beauty that has won the hearts of plant lovers all over the world quite rapidly. 

The Chameleon ZZ was found in 2008 by plant hunter Mike Rimland of Costa Farms. It is not a product of chemical treatments, but rather a naturally occurring genetic mutation. This unplanned variance enhances the plant’s allure, turning it into a genuine gem of the gardening world.

Chameleon is a low-maintenance houseplant that you can very much set and forget about, thanks to its trendy new easy-care variety! It has newly formed leaves that are a vivid golden yellow in color before turning a deep, rich green as they mature. They softly change from gold to green in between, creating a multicolored impression. Chameleon can withstand irregular watering, low humidity, and other harsh circumstances, just like other ZZ Plants. Fresh from our farm, it is delivered right to your front door.

We’re always searching for houseplants that are simple to grow, therefore our Plant Hunter was very happy to find Chameleon (PP32,253P3). Its new growth has a bright, golden-yellow color that makes it stand out from other ZZ plants. Whatever growing circumstances you choose, the new leaves will always steal the show. ZZ Plants grow slowly, and as the leaves get older and turn a normal dark green hue, we suggest growing Chameleon in bright light to get more vibrant new growth.

tend to a ZZ chameleon plant-

ZZ Plant Chameleon – Costa Farms

It can withstand little light, low humidity, and sporadic watering. Having stated that, regular fertilization and bright light promote optimal growth. The reason this is recommended is that the color of the plant comes from its fresh growth. A bright environment promotes faster and more rapid plant growth.

The world of houseplants is always changing, with intriguing new species popping up to appeal to both the curious and the green thumb. Of these emerging talents, the Chameleon ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Chameleon’) has won people over with its vibrant color show and laid-back disposition.

An Amazing Metamorphosis:

In contrast to its traditional, rich green ZZ plant relative, the Chameleon ZZ dazzles with its vivid transformation. Blossomed golden yellow, newly formed leaves with shimmering emerald veins that dance along their glossy surface. With time, these neon beauties develop and become the distinctive lush green leaves that characterizes the mature plant.

This fascinating display of color is more than simply a passing fad. The Chameleon ZZ never stops growing, so your room will always be graced with an entrancing variety of tints all year long. Imagine a living work of art, encased on a plant known for its effortless grace, with emerald jewels nestling among splashes of molten gold.

The Chameleon ZZ, in contrast to its traditional version, has an intriguing secret. Its young leaves emerge in a dazzling golden yellow, frequently with emerald veins flowing smoothly along their edges. These neon tendrils eventually turn into the well-known deep green of the standard ZZ as they get older, producing a stunning display of color change on a single plant.

Beyond Beauty: Everybody Can Grow a Plant:

However, the Chameleon ZZ’s allure goes far beyond its alluring colors. For people who are new to gardening or busy plant parents, this plant is a dream come true. It can withstand periods of drought, little light, and infrequent watering because it grows well under neglect. Because of the way its strong rhizomes retain water, it can withstand dry spells quite well.

How to Handle Your Chameleon:


Even though the Chameleon ZZ is incredibly tough, knowing what it needs to survive can help it thrive:

Light: Vibrant colors and growth promotion are best achieved with bright, indirect light. It can, nevertheless, adjust to less light. Steer clear of intense direct sunlight as it may burn the leaves.

Watering: Let the soil dry out entirely in between applications. The biggest threat is overwatering since it can cause root rot. Make a mistake and err on the side of under- or overwatering.

Soil: Potting mix that drains well is essential. Mixtures of succulents and cacti work well.

Fertilization: While it’s not necessary, fertilizing occasionally throughout the spring and summer helps promote growth.

Toxicity: If consumed by humans or pets, the Chameleon ZZ is toxic, just like its ZZ plant sibling. Make sure curious animals and youngsters cannot reach it.

How to Dress Your Chameleon?


The Chameleon ZZ’s adaptability is shown in a range of environments. Because of its small size, it’s ideal for side tables, desktops, and shelves. Its striking foliage gives minimalist settings a splash of color, and its rich vegetation accentuates bohemian themes. For a flourishing indoor jungle, combine it with other low-maintenance plants like air plants or snake plants.

An Individualistic Plant:

There’s more to the Chameleon ZZ than meets the eye. It is a dynamic example of how resilient and adaptive nature is, always changing and growing. Its vivid color shift enlivens any area and serves as a reminder that even low-maintenance plants can surprise us with their depths.

So, the Chameleon ZZ might be the ideal addition to your house, regardless of your level of experience with plants or level of nervousness. This stunning variety of a well-loved houseplant is likely to steal the show in any setting with to its alluring beauty, laid-back disposition, and limitless styling options.


The Chameleon ZZ is a remarkable addition to any house because of its stunning color show, laid-back personality, and exquisite sculpture. It serves as a living reminder that even the most basic items can possess amazing power, converting unremarkable areas into colorful havens for anyone with a green thumb. So, welcome the Chameleon ZZ into your life and experience its fascinating metamorphosis personally if you’re looking for a little something unusual in your indoor haven.

 You’re intrigued by the Chameleon ZZ plant and want to welcome this colorful marvel into your house. Remember that you may see the magic of this leafy chameleon develop before your eyes and bring a little bit of the remarkable into your daily life with just a little love and understanding.

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